An image viewer, media player, EEG controllable, audio synthesizing, open source brainwave entrainment solution

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What is EntrainerFX?

EntrainerFX started as a simple binaural beat generator for brainwave entrainment. After attaining that goal in short order I then asked the question "How much stuff can I get into it?".

EntrainerFX is now a simple image viewer. It plays audio and video. It has animations and effects. It interfaces with EEG hardware. It can be remotely controlled. It is programmable. It is configurable. And all features center around the chosen entrainment frequency, designed and implemented to assist in conscious state control.

Why EntrainerFX?


There are many ways to alter conscious state, from meditation to Metallica. The benefits attained include increased attention span and self control. Conditions such as ADHD can be mitigated by the attention and focus required to exercise conscious state control. EntrainerFX provides many different types of audio and visual entrainment methods including binaural beats, volume level and flashing effect entrainment and animations timed to the chosen entrainment frequency. Control of the entrainment is precise and repeatable and its configurability ensures entrainment sessions are never boring.


EntrainerFX requires the latest Java Runtime Environment (Java 8 / 1.8.0_40) and is designed to run under Windows, Mac and Linux.

Medical Warning

EntrainerFX should not be used by anyone prone to seizures or related medical conditions.